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The Center for Aligned Healing (CAH) is comprised of a group of heart and soul-centered people all over the world who have come together to serve humanity for the greater good. Medical Intuitive and Energy Healer Bernadette Bloom founded CAH in 2001 with the goal of providing integrative and complementary treatments for clients offering a variety of bio-energetic healing modalities and education for the 21st Century. Our mission is to assist in healing the body, mind, and spirit using the principles of Esoteric Healing, a high vibrational energetic technique from Tibet that quickly easily and naturally balances your bio-electric or energy field. All of our healing practitioners use Esoteric Healing in our personal lives, businesses, creative arts and our everyday interactions with others. We ask that everyone we come into contact with receive the highest and best good in their lives for themselves and for their loved ones. 


Our adult and children's educational programs are designed for spiritual development and well-being and include classes, study groups, workshops, lectures, demonstrations, as well as a therapeutic horse riding program. Healing sessions and classes are offered in person and long distance via Skype, Zoom or by phone. We discriminate against none and all are welcome to be a part of this collective.  


CAH is also the home of the JJ Esoteric Foundation which is a 501c3.

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