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The healing sock was inspired when Bernadette Bloom, Medical Energy Healer and Holistic Physical Therapist, was in the hospital. She wrote JOY on the toes of her left sock and LOVE on the other. The words on her socks not only made her feel better but brought smiles to all around her. From there, Bernadette took her idea to her colleagues at the JJ Esoteric Foundation, Inc. (JJEF) (non-profit) where more support was found. With the intention of spreading this good vibration, the HEALING SOCK was born. 

The purpose of the JJ Esoteric Foundation is to enhance the well being of humanity through physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing by educating those interested in energetic living and health, and to assist individuals in exploring alternative solutions to life-threatening situations by providing a safe haven for those who seek healing. Our goal is to help the planet by getting the HEALING SOCKS to the world. 


According to the book Power vs Force, by David Hawkins, there are constructive expressions of power and destructive expressions of power. The constructive expressions of power not only help the individual feeling or wearing them but also help society in general.  The destructive expressions of power help to lower the vibration of the individual who is feeling them and also negatively influence society in general. 


We have chosen the words "Love", which vibrates at 500, and "Joy", which vibrates at 540.  The vibration 540 is also known as the level of healing.  Our healing socks help raise the vibration of not only the person wearing them but also help heal the vibration of the planet as a whole.

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